Getting started

Supabase is a hosted platform which makes it very simple to get started. Just visit and sign in to start creating projects.

Organizations and Project

After you have signed in, you can create Organizations and Projects. Each project contains a full Postgres database, as well as auto-generated APIs and Auth functionality.

Managing team members

You can invite your team members into your organizations so that you can collaborate on projects.

Self Hosting

Supabase is an amalgamation of various open source tools. If you've started with Supabase and you want to migrate away, all you need to do is a backup/dump of your database and take it anywhere you want.

You can find instructions for installing each of the components of Supabase in the "Tools" section.

We choose tools which are permissively licensed (usually MIT or Apache 2) whenever we build new features. This prevents lock-in and, more importantly, it is our way of supporting open source development.

We support the tools that we use in a number of ways - donating directly, building client libraries, and employing contributors to work full-time on the tools (in the case of PostgREST).

Next steps