Supabase is built on top of Postgres, an extremely scalable Relational Database.


Table View

You don't have to be a database expert to start using Supabase. Our table view makes Postgres as easy to use as a spreadsheet.

Table View.


Dig into the relationships within your data.

Clone tables

You can duplicate your tables, just like you would inside a spreadsheet.

Enable and disable extensions

Extensions are one of the best things about Postgres. You can enable Postgres extensions with the click of a button.

The SQL Editor

Supabase comes with a SQL Editor. You can also save your favorite queries to run later!

Additional features

  • Supabase extends Postgres with realtime functionality using our Realtime Server.
  • Every project is a full Postgres database, with postgres level access.
  • Managed backups - Supabase handles all your database backups.
  • Data imports - import directly from a CSV or excel spreadsheet.


Changing the timezone of your server.

You datatbase is initialized with the UTC timezone. We recommend keeping it this way, as it is helpful for time calculation. If, however, you want to update the timezone, you can do so using any of the database timezones.

For example:

alter database postgres set timezone to 'Asia/Singapore';

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