realtime postgres.

Supabase adds realtime and RESTful APIs to your existing PostgreSQL database without a single line of code.

Get notified of all new records in your database
import { createClient } from '@supabase/supabase-js'
// Connect to your own PostgreSQL database
const supabase = createClient('', 'api-key')
// Receive updates when a new record is inserted into your database
const realtime = supabase
.on('INSERT', change => {
console.log('Change received!', change)

How it works

Supabase helps you build faster, so you can focus on your core products.

Database replication

Connect your database to Supabase

Supabase introspects your database and provides instant APIs.
You get
✔APIs always in sync with your schema
✔Instant RESTful API
✔Realtime notifications via websockets

Supabase handles the magic

Supabase handles the stuff you're usually too busy to build.
You get
✔Custom URL for your APIs
✔Custom API docs for your schema
✔Built-in security & monitoring
Client libraries

Build realtime applications

Supabase provides libraries and examples to get you started.
✔Auto-updating dashboards
✔IoT applications
✔Realtime chat apps

For Developers

We introspect your database and provide APIs instantly so you can stop building repetitive CRUD APIs and focus on building your products.

Receive realtime messages in an example chat room
import { createClient } from '@supabase/supabase-js'
// Connect to the chat room
const supabase = createClient('', '1a2b-3c4d-5e6f-7g8h')
// Get notified of all new chat messages
const realtime = supabase
.on('INSERT', message => {
console.log('New message!', message)


We introspect your database to give you instant, custom documentation for your REST and Realtime APIs.

Self-documenting dashboards